two certified Mist Away Mosquito Misting System installersMisting offers effective mosquito control in commercial applications too.

While the vast majority of MistAway’s systems are installed for backyard mosquito control for homeowners, there is rapidly growing demand for mosquito mist systems in commercial and industrial environments.

Hospitality Industry

Hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars all have a goal of creating an enjoyable experience for their guests, but the presence of mosquitoes and other annoying insects can make that very difficult.  Most have long recognized the issue and have tried measures – like backpack fogging – to control the insects.  However, many find fogging to be annoying to guests, labor intensive and not as effective as they hope.  As a result, an increasing number of forward-looking businesses are turning to MistAway’s systems to create a more hospitable environment for their guests.

Eden Rock Resort, Florence, Italy –

Misting unit installed in Florence ItalyMisting unit installed in Florence Italy

Four Seasons Resort Anguilla –

misting unit installed in Anguilla misting unit installed in Anguilla

Government Residential/Office Facilities

Many government facilities act as both a residence for their occupant and office for their staff.  The facilities are frequently used as venues for entertaining visiting dignitaries, and mosquitoes and other insects can create an environment that force partygoers indoors.  And in some parts of the world, disease carrying mosquitoes are more than a nuisance to a facility’s staff, and they need to be protected.

US Embassy, Vientiane, Laos

misting at the Loas consulate officemisting at the Loas consulate office

US Consulate, Chengdu, China

misting at a consulate office

Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion, Oklahoma City, OK

Misting at a governor's mansion

Agricultural and Industrial Facilities

MistAway’s systems are also being installed in a wide variety of agricultural and industrial settings to protect workers and animals from annoying or harmful insects.  Our spray systems have been installed in construction sites, chemical plants, grain processing facilities, horse stables, even deer farms, among others.

Salt Extraction Facility – Freeport, TX

Misting at a Dow Plant

Horse Stable, Istanbul, Turkey

Misting at a horse stable in Istanbul