Best Wireless Mosquito Misting System

Mosquitoes are wireless.  Shouldn’t your misting system be too?

Scenario 1:  It’s Friday night and you’ve just finished a great dinner at a nearby restaurant with friends.  You invite them to stop by your house for a nightcap on the patio. Before you reach for your car keys, pick up your smartphone, push the MIST button and make sure your mosquito control system will clear your backyard of mosquitoes before you reach home.

Scenario 2:  It’s Wednesday morning, and you’re already thinking about how great it will be to spend a long weekend at your beach house.  Use the iMist™ app on your smartphone to change the system mode to ON so that it can start executing it’s program and executing mosquitoes in advance of your arrival.

Introducing iMist™ Monitoring

The latest innovation from MistAway Systems, iMist™ is a wireless monitoring and management solution for your mosquito spray system.

24/7 Online Monitoring by your Dealer . . .

Best App-Controlled Mosquito Misting System | MistAway Systems With iMist™, your authorized Dealer will have complete visibility into the status of your mosquito mist system.  And with that visibility comes superior service.  With real-time information available over the internet, he’ll be able to monitor the volume of solution remaining in the unit and make sure you never run out of juice.  And, you won’t have to call him to let him know the yard service cut the lines and shut down the system.  With iMist™, he’ll know immediately and be able to promptly dispatch a technician to get your system back online.

. . . And a Smartphone App for You!

iMist™ can also be controlled with a smartphone app that allows you to trigger a remote mist, change the system mode, and quickly contact your dealer.