Mosquito Misting in Whitetail Deer Breeding Operations

Whitetail deer breeding has become a big business as hunters’ interest in bagging a trophy buck has exploded.  From Texas to the Dakotas and east to the Atlantic, hundreds of deer breeders are using advanced genetic techniques to increase animal and antler size in their herds.

One of most important dimensions of managing the health of these valuable animals is controlling the harmful insects that can occupy their pens.  And the stakes are high.  The most valuable deer are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Flies, mosquitoes, ants and ticks can be more than annoying.  They cause debilitating stress to the deer.  And worse, some biting flies transmit usually fatal hemorrhagic viruses called EHD and Blue Tongue.

Misting for deer breeding Among top breeders, MistAway’s systems are quickly becoming a must-have component of their health management program.  In every 60 to 90 second mist cycle, MistAway’s system creates a blanket of protection throughout the pens that is harmless to deer, but lethal to the insects they attract.

Deer pen complexes are generally much larger than other facilities that have adopted misting, and this dramatic increase in size places a premium on both excellent flow design and equipment capability.  MistAway’s equipment is specifically designed and built to support misting at this large scale.

Deer in a pen In addition to being solid, weatherproof and virtually indestructible, MistAway’s equipment features unique attributes that are essential in deer pen misting:

  • Large Installation Capacity – a high flow paired motor-pump combination combined  with the appropriate system design, can drive 200 – 250 nozzles installed along 3000 – 3500 feet of fenced perimeter.
  • Reservoir Agitation – thorough, frequent mixing of the reservoir provides for a consistent mist composition and enables the use of a wide range of insecticides that could otherwise not be used.

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Mosquito Misting for deer breeding operations