We have all been there: It’s a beautiful day that turns into a stunning evening with a clear sky filled with stars, and you decide to have a cocktail on the patio to enjoy all the scenery. As you take your seat, you hear that, “Bzzzzzzz!” followed by a small but sharp pinching sensation on your neck. 

A few seconds later, it happens again… and then again. The mosquitos are invading your quiet time, and they’re so bad that you have no choice but to run inside. If you’ve had enough of this and you want to take your yard back, then perhaps you’ve been thinking about a mosquito misting system. After all, if you’re like most people, you don’t want to have to cover yourself in smelly, sticky spray every time you want to spend a few minutes outside.

For a lot of people, a mosquito misting system makes a lot of sense, but for others, the question starts with whether or not a mosquito misting system makes enough sense to be worth the investment. The bottom line is that mosquito misting systems are growing in popularity because they are effective.  And because they are automatic, their owners don’t even have to think about mosquito control.  It just happens. That only leaves cost as the remaining question. 

MistAway Systems has had this discussion more times than we could ever count, so below we’re going to lay out some basics you should be ready to spend on as you decide whether or not a mosquito misting system is something you’d like to explore further. 

General Startup Costs Associated With a Mosquito Misting System

For the purposes of this discussion, we’re going to assume that you’re looking at having a mosquito misting system installed in your yard instead of paying for a monthly service or taking some other approach. Clearly, the specifics regarding costs of backyard mosquito control systems are going to vary based on several factors that include geographic location, the size of the lot that’s going to be managed and the types of equipment and spray that are going to be used. 

Below are some costs associated with a mosquito misting system that are common:

  1. Installation – You may be able to attempt to do this yourself to save money, but most professionals recommend that if you’re going to be purchasing a mosquito misting system that either sprays at scheduled times or that you turn on yourself, you should have it installed. You should also talk to a professional about proper and strategic placement for the unit that controls the spray as well as where to put the other nozzles that are going to secrete the concentrate. This cost will likely depend on the complexity of the installation process. 
  2. Equipment – There are a couple of different types of equipment you can purchase to serve as the “nerve center” of your mosquito misting system, and each is going to come with its own cost. In addition, you’ll need to invest in good, solid hosing and nozzles so that you don’t have to worry about leaks that could create unforeseen additional costs.
  3. Mist – Finally, you’ll need to purchase the mosquito misting system concentrate. This is clearly more than a one-time cost, and once again, the specific amounts involved are going to vary widely based on the type of concentrate you prefer and what works best in your geographic area. 

Ongoing Costs Related to a Mosquito Misting System

After you’ve made your initial investment in a mosquito misting system, you’ll need to plan for some of the ongoing costs associated with maintaining it. The most obvious ongoing cost is going to be the concentrate, as you’ll need to replenish that whenever you run low. In addition, you’re going to need to make what are hopefully small investments in the maintenance and upkeep of your hoses, nozzles and other equipment. If your main component fails or needs repair, that can also come with a cost, although that can be mitigated somewhat if you purchase a warranty that applies to a situation.

Compare To the Alternatives

Aside from taking in all of the potential costs and effort involved with adding a mosquito misting system, it may be wise to consider the other options available. These include:

  • Staying inside – Of course, this is not an option people want to consider. What’s the point of having a yard, a patio or whatever else you have in the exterior portion of your home if you can’t use it? 
  • Bug spray – You may spend less going to the hardware store and buying bug spray in bulk, but do you really want to smell like that every time you go outside? Do you want to have to shower and remove that smelly substance constantly? 
  • Yard bombs – Yard bombs can be of help, but a lot can also go wrong with them. First, they don’t always reach the nooks and crannies in which pests like to hide, and secondly, they can actually present different levels of danger if they are not used correctly.
  • Backpack spraying – Backpack sprayers can also help lower the number of pests in your yard, but you’ll have to manage the entire process – from maintaining the equipment to spraying your yard – yourself. 

It should be clear that a mosquito misting system offers a lot of benefits, and it really comes down to evaluating the return on your investment. 

So… What Am I Looking At? Are They Worth It?

Ultimately, and as said, the cost of a mosquito misting system is going to vary from home to home and building to building. That said, if you do things right, you could be looking at an initial investment of anywhere between $2800 – $4000 for a professionally installed system at a typical home on a 1/3 acre lot.  And, you should plan on spending $800 – $1000 for the season for the spray to be replenished and maintained. 

Given the potential costs, are mosquito misting systems worth it? The answer in general is, “It depends.” It depends on your own value judgment. What we can say is that the homeowners who have decided that they are worth the cost have the following norms and beliefs  in common:

  • They spend a lot of time in their backyard.
  • They do a lot of entertaining in their backyard.
  • They live in a part of the country with a really long or really intense mosquito season.
  • Someone in the household is very sensitive to mosquito bites.
  • Mosquito control is important for them and they don’t want to have to think about it.
  • They can either easily afford installation and service by a professional, or they are willing and handy enough to install and service it themselves for less.

Find Out More Today

Ultimately, the best way to understand the costs associated with a mosquito misting system is to speak to a professional about what you have in mind and what it would take to protect your property. 

If you work with MistAway Systems, one of our dealers will happily come to your home and business, take a close look at what’s involved and listen to your ideas. From there, we’ll give you an estimate that details the costs of our services and equipment that you can depend on as you decide whether or not a mosquito misting system is worth the financial commitment. Contact the nearest dealer today to get that process started.