If your evenings sat out in the yard are constantly interrupted by the sound of buzzing mosquitoes, then you know how frustrating it can be. 

You may have looked at mosquito control systems and come across two different methods – mosquito control service vs mosquito misting systems. 

We’re here to talk you through the pros and cons of both mosquito control systems and help you find the best system for your yard.

What Is a Mosquito Control Service?

Commonly referred to as backpacking sprays or mosquito sprays, a mosquito control service is where a licensed professional treats your property against mosquitos. The spray, which is designed to repel or kill mosquitos generally lasts about 21 days before having to be reapplied.

This method of mosquito control relies on a residual effect, meaning it stays on surfaces, giving you continued protection. However, this residual effect diminishes with time, and it can be impacted by heavy rain. 

In areas with high rainfall, this can cause the spray to be washed away, making a mosquito control service less effective. 

When applying a mosquito control service, it’s recommended that customers and pets should not be present in the yard for at least 30 minutes after the application. 

What Are Mosquito Misting Systems?

Whereas mosquito control services rely on a professional spraying your yard roughly every 21 days, a mosquito misting system provides you with permanent mosquito-repelling infrastructure. 

Made up of a misting unit, tubing, and nozzles, a mosquito misting system is installed around the perimeter of your yard, directly treating areas where mosquitos might be present.

Rather than the residual effect mosquito control services use, mosquito misting systems are designed to have an immediate effect on mosquitos and other pests. Whereas mosquito control services are applied every 21 days, mosquito misting systems run on automated cycles, targeting mosquitos when they’re most active.

Mosquito misting systems will often be set to mist around dawn, dusk, and later in the evening to maximize the effect on pests while minimizing the impact on beneficial insects. With the iMistAway app, you also get a remote control, so you can mist on demand.

Customers and pets should not be in the area when misting, but in just a couple of minutes, they can safely return to the area.

Mosquito Control Service or Mosquito Misting Systems: Which is the Best Option?

Both mosquito control services and mosquito misting systems are effective ways of protecting against mosquitos. 

The obvious benefit of mosquito misting systems is that you’ve got constant, on-demand protection. Whereas with mosquito control services, you’re reliant on getting your yard sprayed once every three weeks, mosquito misting systems are constantly working away in the background. 

However, mosquito misting systems come with more infrastructure and thus upfront costs. With a mosquito control service, you can call in a professional immediately, but with mosquito misting systems, it takes time to set up the infrastructure. 

Once you’ve installed your mosquito misting system though, you can expect it to last for ten or more years (when well maintained), and it can even add value to your property.

When Does a Mosquito Misting System Offer More Value Than a Mosquito Control Service?

While both mosquito control systems are similarly effective, every yard is slightly different. 

As we mentioned earlier, one of the drawbacks of mosquito control services is that the application can be washed away by heavy rain. Many areas can experience heavy rainfall during mosquito season which reduces the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Mosquito misting systems offer on-demand protection, so they’re not influenced by heavy rain, proving more effective in certain climates. 

Mosquito control services’ effectiveness against other pests is also often limited. The barrier works well for mosquitos, but for spiders, no-see-ums, flies, and midges, the everyday approach of mosquito misting systems is more effective.

Last but not least, to be effective, mosquito control services need something for the spray to adhere to. Yards with little landscaping and foliage don’t offer this, making it extremely difficult to treat. As a mosquito misting system doesn’t rely on a residual effect it’s still effective even in yards with little landscaping.


When the weather’s nice, nothing beats a long evening out in the yard. 

Unfortunately, just when you want to be enjoying the summer weather is when mosquitos are at their most active, and they can quickly ruin your peace and quiet. 

When mosquitos are ruining your enjoyment of your yard, then it’s time to act. Whichever mosquito control system you choose, it can allow you to take back your yard and wake up without itchy mosquito bites every morning. 

For the most adaptable option, it’s well worth looking at mosquito misting systems. 

So, find a mosquito misting dealer today!