How much does a mosquito misting system cost?

The cost of a professionally installed MistAway mosquito misting system is about what you would spend for an installed irrigation system for your home.  For a “representative” home sitting on a standard quarter-acre lot, plan on a purchase price of $2,800 – $4,000.  A few factors influence the broad range:

Nozzle Count

The number of nozzles you’ll need will be an important factor in the overall cost of your mosquito control system.  The length of the perimeter of protection created by the nozzle circuit determines the number of nozzles required.  In most cases, the dealer will space the nozzles about 10 feet apart.  This means that a property with a perimeter of 300 feet will require about 30 nozzles.  And a property with a perimeter of 600 feet will require twice that many.

Available Nozzle Mounting Surfaces

The type of nozzles your dealer installs also influence your cost of the mosquito system.  There are two types of nozzles – structure nozzles, mounted to a privacy fence, eave or tree, and landscape nozzles – which sit atop risers in the landscaping.  Structure nozzles are less expensive and generally require less labor to install than landscape risers.

Mosquito Misting System Type and Options

The MistAway Unit you choose will influence cost of your mosquito misting system. The type of MistAway unit and the optional functionality you add is another important factor in your cost of the mosquito misting system.  MistAway sells two models of its misting units – a Gen 1.3 Drum Unit and a Gen 3+ Tankless Unit.

Our base level drum unit, Gen 1.3, comes standard with remote control.  But you may add options that give it important functionality – agitation of the drum contents and leak detection.  Your dealer can also add iMistAway, which allows the unit to be monitored and managed over the internet using a smartphone app or website.  

Our tankless unit, Gen 3, is more expensive than our base level drum unit and contains all the above functionality as standard.  iMistAway can also be optionally added by a dealer.

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