Reasons To Get a Mosquito Misting System

During the winter, many of us dream of warmer times when we can gather with friends and family outdoors, enjoying the warm sun and escaping the stuffiness of staying inside for months on end. But if you don’t have your mosquito problem handled, you could be replacing one annoyance with another.

Mosquitoes can wreak havoc on your backyard plans and your overall outdoor enjoyment, sending everyone indoors or reaching for greasy mosquito repellent.

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer any longer. The reasons to get a mosquito misting system are numerous, but none is more important than reclaiming the areas around your home or business, especially when everyone’s looking to get outside and enjoy the weather.

Mosquito misting systems are the go-to option if you want to forget about mosquitoes once and for all. Instead of frequent applications of bug spray or calling a professional out when mosquitoes appear, a misting system does all the heavy work without intervention, allowing for a carefree time outside even during the middle of mosquito season.

Without further ado, here are five reasons to get a mosquito misting system.

1. Summer Is Coming

In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is the time for mosquitos to take hold and invade the peaceful properties held by humans. Given that calendar-related reality, one of the reasons to get a mosquito misting system before summer hits is because you’re probably going to enjoy a much faster turnaround time in terms of installation as opposed to after the mosquitos arrive when misting companies are being inundated with calls.

Besides that, by installing your system ahead of time, you can control for mosquitoes before they become a big problem. That way, you’re not fighting an uphill battle once mosquito season is in full force.

2. Mosquito Misting Systems Are Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional sprays and other mosquito repellents, one of the best reasons to get a mosquito misting system is that it can be operated remotely according to a schedule of your choosing.

If you know that certain months or periods of rain and humidity send the mosquitoes buzzing around your property, you can make your misting system more active during these times. Or if mosquitoes are particularly inactive during certain times of the year, you can put your system in hibernation until it’s needed.

In addition, you can simply set the misting systems and let them do their work instead of having to take time every so often to go out and manually spray your property. That takes time and is basically an ongoing annoyance.

3. You Live Near Standing Water

Mosquitos, like all living things, need water to live. These pests especially tend to thrive near standing water, which is where they breed. If you live near a lake or a pond, then you’re going to be dealing with mosquitos during the warm summer months.

This is true even if that standing or slow-moving body of water is miles away, as most mosquito breeds have a flying range of up to 3 miles. If you live near standing water and have no control over it, that’s a good reason to get a mosquito misting system.


4. Mosquito Misting Systems Are Cost-Effective and Hidden

It’s true that traditional mosquito spraying services can be an annoyance. Once you call them to your property, they’ll have to spend time tracking down the mosquitoes and properly spraying areas where mosquitoes congregate. If you have a continual need, the same song and dance must be done each time you want to push the mosquitoes out. This adds cost to your mosquito-management requirement every time you engage these services.

One of the great reasons to get a mosquito misting system is that your mosquito spraying is truly customized to your property’s needs. Better yet, because the misting nozzles are installed permanently, you only have to worry about them once, and they’re all but hidden from view. This gives you the benefit of mosquito misting without any eyesores or intervention.
Misting can be switched on at your convenience say, right before your next get-together for a day or evening without any pests.

5. You Host Get-Togethers

outdoor get-togethers often attract mosquitoes

If you live in a place with warm summers and lovely summer evenings and you enjoy hosting get-togethers, then you know how annoying mosquitoes can be. The weather, activities and food could be perfect, but mosquitoes can put a dark spot on that otherwise excellent get-together.

Because mosquitoes are attracted to people’s smell and breath, the bigger your party, the worse the mosquito problem. You can give your guests a more enjoyable experience by providing an itch-free evening. Just turn on your mosquito misting system before the event and enjoy a mosquito-free get-together.

Mosquito Misting Solutions From MistAway Systems

If you’re sick of how mosquitoes make your outdoor areas unusable just when you’d like to use them, give us a call. Here at MistAway Systems, we can show you how to get rid of mosquitoes once and for all with one of our mosquito control solutions.Find a mosquito misting system dealer near you, or choose from one of our backyard mosquito control systems.