If you spend any amount of time outside, you know that mosquitoes are a nuisance. While mosquitoes have some benefits, since they are an important food source for bats, birds, and other animals, pollinating plants, they carry several diseases. This is why finding the right mosquito control system is vital, which is where MistAway comes in, but you should first learn how to install a mosquito misting system for your home.

Step One: Learn About Misting Systems

Learning about misting systems teaches you the fundamentals of misting, which helps you choose the misting system that’s right for you. Are you looking for a tankless misting system or a drum-based mosquito misting system? 

Our MistAway University helps you understand mosquito biology, how to control mosquitoes, as well as misting fundamentals and our equipment. Once you look over the mosquito misting system features and decide which one is best for your backyard, and learn what you can through our MistAway University, it’s time for the next step.

Step Two: Get To Know Your Property

Chances are you know your home and property fairly well, but not everyone can picture if they have a large enough area to house their new mosquito misting system. Here at MistAway, we recommend drawing a basic sketch of your property, including the dimensions and permanent fixtures, such as swimming pool, play areas, and other items, are located. Once you write down this information, you can begin to determine the best location for the unit, how many nozzles you’ll need and where you’ll put the misting nozzles. This course of action readies you for the next step.

Step Three: Order Your Equipment

Once you understand what you need for your home and property, you can visit our parts catalog for our mosquito misting system. When you find the parts you need, write down the parts number for each piece to make it easier and faster when you place your order. You will need numbers and a parts list, including installation tools, misting units, clamps, fittings, tubing, and filter kits. At MistAway, we know that every property is different in how many components you need, but they are made up of the same pieces. For guaranteed satisfaction, only order from an authorized MistAway online dealer to ensure that you’ll receive a genuine MistAway system with genuine parts, as well as the best possible experience.

Step Four: Install And Set Up Nozzle Circuit and Unit

Once you receive your unit and components, the next step is the physical installation. It doesn’t matter what you start, but each unit has two distinct parts. The two parts of the installation are setting up the unit and installing nozzles around your property. When installing the nozzles, you can either mount the tubing on a fence or place the tubing between risers. When it comes to installing nozzles, it’s important to take your time and plan your route for the tubing, and make sure you’re consistent.

Step Five: Test The Unit

Once you have installed your system and celebrated, the next step is to test the unit with water only. It’s not time for the misting to concentrate yet. Running an inspection cycle with water allows you to walk around the property and inspect the quality of the misting and look for any leaks. This allows you to take time to fix any issue and inspect the misting system until you no longer have any issues. If you encounter an error code, check out our technical self-help articles

Step Five: Check Cycle And Dose

Once you have no errors and your system finds success after misting water, it’s time to add the misting concentrate. With the drum system, you add an appropriate amount of concentrate directly to the drum. With the tankless system, you can snap directly to the system to start the product mix with a tip and measure bottle. Once you confirm your misting cycle settings, ensure that your system is in the correct operational mode. You can find any information at the top of the main screen and toggle between modes.

Step Six: Keep Maintenance In Mind

It’s easy to set up everything and forget about it later. However, all good things need routine maintenance, even the unit protecting you from pesky mosquitoes. Set up a notification to check on your misting system anywhere from 50 to 75 days. 

When looking into a DIY mosquito misting system, it helps to go with the best mosquito systems manufacturer such as MistAway Systems. When it comes to controlling your mosquitoes, get started by choosing a backyard mosquito control system.