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Troubleshooting “Unit Not Connected to Gateway – Node Not Responsive”

The iMist gateway is connected to the internet but it is not communicating with the node on the misting unit.

Potential Cause:
  • The gateway has lost the ID of the node on the misting unit.
  • The gateway or node has failed.

To confirm the issue, open the Connection tab for the unit on

You’ll see that the Gateway Connection Status will indicate that it is online with a date stamp showing the current day and time.  The Current Signal Strength will be Excellent, Good or Marginal but the date stamp will show a day and time in the past.


You or your customer will need to perform a network reset on the controller on the misting unit.

  • Press MENU and navigate to the DATA Menu using the down arrow button.
  • Enter the DATA branch by pressing the Green button and use the arrow buttons until you see “NR” (Network Reset) on the display.
  • Press and hold the Green arrow button for a few seconds until “DONE” appears in the display.
  • Cycle power to the misting unit by unplugging it and plugging it back in.