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Retrofitting iMist2 on an Existing Unit

iMist2 Retrofit Kit includes:

  • iMist2-ready receiver and antenna
  • Handheld remote transmitter for iMist2-ready receiver
  • iMist2 gateway, antenna, ethernet cable, power adapter

1.  Confirm the controller firmware supports iMist2.

  • Cycle power to unit and observe controller startup.
  • For any Gen1.3 or Gen3, the firmware must contain “PR” followed by a 3 digit number.
  • If you do not have a “PR” version of the firmware, send your controller to MistAway for a firmware upgrade.


2.  Install iMist2-ready receiver on unit (pictured)

  • Unplug misting unit and lift controller from well without disconnecting cables.
  • If Gen 1.3, see Gen 1.3:  Access Components by Repositioning Cover.  Remove existing (black) receiver, antenna (blue rings) and ethernet cable, and replace with white iMist2-ready receiver and antenna (one-piece, yellow-rings).
  • If Gen 3, Remove existing (black) receiver, antenna and cable from lid and replace with white iMist2-ready receiver and antenna.  Thread gray receiver cable through slot in shroud and up through well to controller.


  • Connect white connector on cable to six pin port on controller as shown.

  • Restore power to unit and observe boot-up.  Confirm you see IM2 On.
  • If you see IM OFF, unplug unit, reseat connector, restore power and observe boot-up.


  • Replace controller and plastic housing in operating position.

3.  See Controller:  “Learning” the iMist2-ready Handheld Remote Transmitter

4.  See Installing and Activating iMist2