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Gen 3: Displayed Bottle Level does not match Actual Level

Because the Level Displayed is based on an internal calculation and not on an actual sensor measurement, it is possible there may be a difference between the displayed level and the actual level in the bottle. See Gen 3:  How Bottle Level Display Works.

Check Refill Settings:

Check Flow Meter Type:

  • The Flow Meter Type setting in the controller (FM in Settings menu) doesn’t match the actual flow meter in the misting unit.
  • The Flow Meter is located against the back right wall of the unit. Confirm FM in the Settings Menu. If plastic, it should read PLS. If brass, it should read brS.



Check Bellows Pump:

  • The valves in the dosing pump that pumps insecticide out of the bottle and into the mixing tank have failed.
  • This failure is usually caused by swelling of the plastic valves that results from contact with an insecticide that is not compatible with the plastic.
  • See Gen 3:  Confirm Bellows Pump is Pumping