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Gen 1.3 Controller: Status Displays


AGT  Unit is agitating contents of drum.

EMP  Empty.  Unit has calculated zero remaining volume in tank.

HOLD  Anti-siphon or agitation valve is being held open at end of mist cycle to allow pressure in nozzle circuit to decay and close nozzles quickly.

INS  Unit is in Inspection Mode and will mist for 5 minutes or until stopped.

MST  Unit is misting.

NOZ00  Unit stopped operating because the number of nozzles is set to 0.  Clear by pressing Red STOP button for 5 seconds.

ERR2**  No fluid pumped out of tank when tank level calculated as above Empty. Potential problems: pump intake or nozzle circuit clog, pump or motor failure. Clear by pressing Red STOP button for 5 seconds.

ERR3**  Probable leak in nozzle circuit. Volume of fluid pumped out of tank during previous mist was greater than expected. Clear by pressing Red STOP button for 5 seconds.

SKIP  Unit will skip next programmed mist, having received signal from remote transmitter to SKIP NEXT MIST.  Clear by holding down the ▲ arrow button for 3 seconds.

SUS  Wind sensor reading higher than user-set max and is suspending programmed mist.

 The previous mist was skipped because SKIP NEXT MIST was triggered by the remote or the wind sensor blocked an Auto Mist.

** Visible only on units equipped with optional leak detection capability. See Gen 1.3 Option:  Leak Detection and TOLerance