Gen 1.3 Controller: Menus


REM  Set the duration for mists triggered by the remote transmitter.  (Values from OFF to 120 seconds)

LRN  Program unit to recognize a specific remote transmitter.  Hold down Green ► button for 5 seconds and then press a button on the remote transmitter.  When DONE flashes in the display, the transmitter is programmed.

MAN*  Set the duration for mists triggered by a Manual Mist (pressing ▲ and ▼ buttons simultaneously.)
NOZ  Set the Number of nozzles in the circuit attached to the unit.  If Zone Kit installed, there are separate displays for NZ1 and NZ2.

AGT  Set duration in seconds of agitation prior to programmed mists and set time of once daily off-cycle agitation.  On units without an agitating valve, the duration should be set to 0.

RAG   Set duration in seconds of agitation cycle prior to a remote mist cycle. (RAG not available on pre-2012 systems.)

TNK  Set reservoir size in gallons (5 – 995)

SEN  Turn (optional) wind sensor ON or OFF

WND  Set max wind speed (above which wind sensor reading inhibits mist).

ALT  This feature is not currently used. ALT should be set to 0.

* For systems with zone kit installed, see Gen 1.3 Option:  Zone Kit


LEVEL  Set the tank level in the controller display from 1 to 8 bars.  In operation, the indicated level will decrease as insecticide is misted.  Hold Green ► button for 5 seconds, then ▲ and ▼ buttons to set.

INS  Inspect Nozzle Circuit.  Runs pump for 5 minutes.  Hold Green ► button for 5 seconds to trigger.  If Zone Kit installed, separate inspection menus, INS1 and INS2.


TMC  Total Mist Cycles since last reset.* (*Reset by pressing Green ► button until value shows zero)

TMM  Total Mist Minutes since last reset.*

MMC  Manual Mist Cycles since last reset.*

RMC  Remote Mist Cycles since last reset.*

TMH  Total Mist Hours on unit.  May not be reset.

FL**  Actual volume pumped out of tank during last mist (mL).

TF**  Calculated target volume in milliliters (mL) of last mist. Target Volume = (Mist Duration in seconds) * (Number of Nozzles) * (Nozzle Flow Rate NFR) / 60.

SPD  Wind speed as read by sensor.

AFR**  Actual average flow rate of nozzle in circuit, based on volume of fluid discharged during last mist cycle.

TOL**  Error tolerance for nozzle circuit flow rate.  Default is 75%.  Controls sensitivity of leak detection. (Set as per NFR).

NFR  Target flow rate of average nozzle in circuit, in milliliters per minute.  Used in tank level indicator, Empty shut-off and leak detection calculations.  Default is 40 mL/min.  Set by pressing Green ► button for 5 seconds, then ▲ and ▼ arrows to adjust, then Green ► button to save.

HLD  Duration that Agitating Valve or Anti-Siphon Valve remains open to nozzle circuit after pump shuts off. Used to control “at-rest” pressure maintained in circuit. (Set as per NFR).

** Visible only on units equipped with optional Leak Detection capability.

NOTE: PAN, FR, NR and L menu items are for factory configuration only.