MistAway University Online

Module 5: Managing Concentrate

5.1 Conventional Formulations (11:51)
We review the most common concentrates used in mosquito misting systems – the active ingredients, how they work against insects and safety considerations for people and pets.

5.2 Formulations and Labels (6:21)
“The label is the law.” This video highlights the most important aspects of mosquito misting-specific language on the label of the most common formulations.

5.3 Dosing and Mist Program (6:49)
This video answers the important questions – how to dose?, when to mist?, how long to mist?

5.4 Days Until Empty (5:03)
If you’ve wondered “How long until I have to refill this thing?”, watch this video.

5.5 Customizing Your Application (10:53)
You can customize your dose, mist schedule and mist durations so that your misting system will be most effective against your target pest. Here’s how.