MistAway University Online

Module 3: MistAway’s Equipment

3.1 Nozzle Circuit Components (9:49)
Quick review of the most common components – nozzles and risers, tubing and fittings.

3.2 Gen 1.3 Drum Unit Intro (8:17)
A thorough review of the basic components and how they work together to mist, agitate the drum contents, manage startup and shutdown and detect leaks.

3.3 Gen 3 Tankless Unit Intro (12:53)
Introduces the engineering scheme behind the Gen 3 – the freshwater, concentrate and misting sub-systems.

3.4 Gen 3 Tankless Unit 201 – How it Works (6:41)
Synthesizes everything from the previous video to demonstrate how it all works together, along with a lesson on how to make a good martini.

3.5 Leak Detection (9:20)
As long as there are yard services, there will be leaks in mosquito spray systems. Luckily, our equipment recognizes leaks and shuts the system down. Here’s how.