MistAway University Online

Module 2: Fundamentals of Misting

2.1 The Pump (7:43)
Introducing the rotary vane pump and its magical adjustable bypass – a key component of every mosquito misting system.

2.2 The Nozzles (7:36)
Now, let’s talk about the business end of the mosquito spray system gun – target nozzle flow rates, and how flow rate changes as pressure changes.

2.3 Tubing and Pressure Drop (7:47)
Flow and pressure of fluid inside tubing don’t always behave as you think they should. Here’s why.

2.4 Pressure Drop 201 (10:20)
Now that you know how fluid behaves or misbehaves, this video offers a few rules of thumb that you can apply to your mosquito control system installation.

2.5 Startup, Shutdown and Siphons (9:20)
At the beginning of a mosquito mist cycle, you want the nozzles to start misting quickly, and at the end, you want them to quit misting quickly. What makes that happen?