MistAway University Online

Intro to the Technology (7:07)​
Watch this short video for an introduction to an incredibly effective mosquito control technology – mosquito misting.
The technical content of MistAway U is contained in 8 modules – links below. You can download a brief study guide here.

1. Understanding the Enemy

Reviews mosquito biology and principles of control. (2 videos, 19 minutes)

2. Fundamentals of Misting

Introduces seven “Pressure Engineering Rules” derived from a review of pump, nozzles and pressure drop. (4 videos, 43 minutes)

3. MistAway's Equipment

Familiarizes student with operation of drum and tankless units and explores leak detection. (5 videos, 49 minutes)

4. Mosquito Misting System Design

Introduces structured process and guidelines for system design and applies them in an example. (4 videos, 37 minutes)

5. Managing Concentrates

Reviews active ingredients, formulations and label language, then discusses dosing, mist program and concentrate replenishment cycle. (5 videos, 41 minutes)

6. Installing the Nozzle Circuit

Beginning with the “Universal Truths”, the videos cover tools and techniques for installing the mosquito misting nozzle circuit – on fences and walls, eaves, trees and in landscaping. (4 videos, 28 minutes)

7. Working with the Misting Units

Covers preparation of drum and tankless units for installation and reviews the basics for navigating the controller interface. (3 videos, 35 minutes)

8. iMistAway

Introduces our wireless monitoring and management technology and how to use it to deliver superior customer services. (1 video, 9 minutes)

Business Considerations Modules

Get strategy, techniques and tips from MistAway’s largest and most successful dealers about marketing and promotion, sales pricing and service models. Requires password for access.