two happy mistaway mosquito misting customers

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Testimonials from MistAway's Happy Customers

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Before I got the MistAway System this yard was like a jungle with mosquitoes everywhere. You simply could not come outside. I could not enjoy my porch, my pool, or any other areas because the mosquitoes were terrible. Then they put the system in and I have not had mosquitoes since.


I have 14 grandchildren and they are here a lot. One of them in particular is highly allergic to mosquitoes, and she would just gets welts all over her body after having been here. And now, they can come and play, stay outside all day long. No problem.


It is an awesome system to have and I don't know why everyone would not put one in."

-- Julie H


"I highly recommend it. We have tried everything: tiki torches, citronella candles, even the propane units, and nothing ever worked. With the MistAway system we can enjoy our backyard."

-- Catherin M


"When we are going to have a party or I feel like there are a few mosquitoes out there, I just press the button on the remote wait a couple minutes and they are all gone. We love our yard with the MistAway system in it."

-- Dr. Bill W

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